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Beef Tibs የበሬ ጥብስ

Tender, Marinated Pieces of Beef Cooked with Green Peppers, Onion ,Garlic, Tomato a touch of Rosemary and other spices served on Ethiopian Injera(flat bread)

Beef Tibs የበሬ ጥብስ

Awaze Tibs አዋዜ ጥብስ

Cubed Tender Beef marinated and cooked with Tomato, Jalapeno, Garlic and Berbere sauce

Beef Tibs የበሬ ጥብስ

Gored Gored ጎረድ ጎረድ

Chunked Cubed Beef mixed with Mitmita, Cardamom, and Ethiopian Butter(It can be ordered Raw, Medium, or Well done)

Gored Gored ጎረድ ጎረድ

Kitfo Normal ክትፎ ኖርማል

Beef Tartar seasoned with Harbor butter and Mitmita, Cardamom (It can be ordered Raw, Medium or Well Done)

Kitfo Normal ክትፎ ኖርማል

Kitfo Special ክትፎ ስፔሻል

It is Ethiopian Special kitfo mixed with homemade cottage cheese, Herbal butter cardamom, mitmita and more (It can be ordered Raw,Medium or Well Done)Kitchen

Kitfo Special ክትፎ ስፔሻል

Kikel ቅቅል

Pieces of Beef with bones cooked in mild green paper and turmeric sauce, seasoned with onions, garlic herbs and spice

Kikel ቅቅል

Yebeg Tibs የበግ ጥብስ 

Tender, Marinated pieces of sheep Cooked with Green Peppers, Onions, Garlic, Tomato a touch Of Rosemary and other Spices served on Ethiopian Injera (Flat Bread)

Yebeg Tibs የበግ ጥብስ

Misir Wot ምስር ወጥ

Spicy lentils stew simmered in berbere sauce,spices, garlic and jalapeno

Misir Wot ምስር ወጥ

Tegabino Shiro ተጋቢኖ ሽሮ

Ethiopian roasted chickpeas simmered in an Onion and Garlic served in a clay pot while simmering

Tegabino Shiro ተጋቢኖ ሽሮ

Dinech Wet ድንች ወጥ

Potatoes simmered with berbere. Onions, garlic and ginger

Dinech Wet ድንች ወጥ

Gomen Wet ጎመን ወጥ 

Fresh Collard green sauteed with Onions, garlic and ginger

Gomen Wet ጎመን ወጥ

Ultimate Veggie Combo በያይነት

Your choice of six items : -

  • kik alicha wot ክክ አልጫ ወጥ
  • Misir Wot ምስር ወጥ
  • Shiro Wet ሽሮ ወጥ
  • Gomen Wet ጎመን ወጥ
  • Dinech Wet ድንች ወጥ
  • Tekil Gomen ጥቅል ጎመን ወጥ
  • Keysir ቀይስር
  • Azifa አዚፋ
  • Sinnig Karia(Hot) ስንግ ቃሪያ
  • Buticha ቡጥጫ
  • salads ሰላጣ
Ultimate Veggie Combo በያይነት

Spaghetti/Rice ፓስታ / ሩዝ

  • Ethiopian style marinated tomatoes sauce with your choice of fish, meat or veggie.
Spaghetti/Rice ፓስታ / ሩዝ

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